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So my fab of all fab makeup artist, Donna Cooper  recently introduced me to air brushing and I’m in LOVE!  Like that giddy kind of love that gets your heart racing.  The excitement is overwhelming!  I mean this is the kind of stuff that all those A-List celebs get pampered with before their photo shoots and now it’s at my fingertips…..well Donna’s fingertips but close enough.  For all you 2012 Seniors that have upcoming sessions or are wanting to book one, you can upgrade to the air brushing makeup technique for a small fee.  Class of 2013 ALL of our sessions will include this awesomeness.

What’s so different and great?  Oh let me just tell you.  First of all the coverage of any blemishes is by far better and makes them look non-existant.  Oh, and the Texas humid and heat!  Urgh, it’s killer with making makeup run but this stuff is sweat proof and you won’t find it melting away!   Not only that but I photographed this beautiful senior this weekend (see below) who mentioned she is always oily so her mom brought powder to help touch her up when she got shiny……and she NEVER did!  We were all in shock there!:)

Some photos below show you the application process. The last photo is at the very end of our shoot (3 hours later and in 80 degrees) and the only touchup applied was lip gloss.  Can you say flawless?

Class of 2012 – we are currently booking for May!  Class of 2013 – we are currently booking for June!  Email to inquire.

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Soon enough we’ll be meeting baby #2!  A little brother for Miss Mia Pia (my little nickname for her) is on the way!  As you might have seen past sessions with this family before….this is my dearest bestie.  She’s a huge part of my life and has been for the past 14 years.  She listens to me when I vent about my crappy day, she consoles me when I cry about….well everything because I’m emotional, she puts me in place when I’m being ridiculous and she laughs at me when I use the wrong word in a sentence (which unfortunately happens a lot).  Just a couple weeks ago we went and got manicures together and I found myself literally crying….wait….I should say bawling because we were laughing so hard.  My nail lady had to help me wipe my tears and people probably thought we were nuts but it didn’t matter because it was one of my favorite times with her.  We have grown up and become “adults” (if you know us those quotations are definitely there for a reason) together and it amazes me that she’s already on round two of babies!  If only we lived in the same city!! But I’ve been dreaming that for far too long.  Here’s a look at my beautiful best friend and her precious growing family.

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If you read my blog post here you saw a little glimpse at the fun photo shoots I was able to do while I attended WPPI in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago.  Now that I’m finally feeling caught up and back at it I thought I would share with you the funky, colorful, hip, urban shoot out we did with Seniorologie and Butterfly Sparks.   First of all let me just tell you how amazing Leslie Kerrigan is!  I think if I could pick one word to describe her it would be spunky!  Who doesn’t love a girl with spunk?  She’s also a complete sweetheart and I feel so grateful for all the hard work that she and Vanessa did to put together such a fun shootout.  The styling was awesome, the models were gorgeous and some of the attendees are now friends.  A little shout out to my girls from my group, Brittney Kluse, Andrea Starr, and Jamie Rubeis!  Did I really just do a shout out?  Yes, why yes I did.  :)


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Are you ready to “ooh” and “ahh” over these beautiful girls?  And let me just tell you these gals were just as sweet as they were beautiful.  Meg Borders and Sarah Lane of Studio 12 put on this amazing workshop and let us pick their talented and business savvy brains as well as shoot some gorgeous models in a desert with the coolest style.  (I’m OBSESSED with the pink shag coat!)  I walked away feeling excited, energetic and passionate.  I’m so excited for my Spring senior sessions to begin that I can hardly stand it!  Oh and just you wait class of 2013!  We are gonna rock it too!!

JUNIORS:  We are now accepting applications for Senior Models!  Entries end March 19th!


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